In having a fence installed, property owners also consider whether it will complement the look of the house. This is because anything you add to your property can either increase or decrease the property value. After much consideration, you are now left with a choice of what kind of post do you use for your fences: wood post or metal post?


Both posts are durable depending on how and where you’ll use it. If you plan on having a small garden in your backyard, a metal post is better than wood. This is because wood can easily rot when it comes in contact with soil. So, if you want to have a sturdy post that will last for a few years, we suggest opting for the metal kind.

Another reason to choose metal over wood is its wear and tear on weather elements. Since your fence is exposed to various weather conditions such as rainstorms, UV rays, hail and more, a wood post will easily get warped and might even be penetrated by termites even if it’s already a pressure treated wood.

With metal, you do not have to worry about these weather conditions. This is because aluminum is naturally rust-proof and so is pre-galvanized steel. Just make sure to communicate this with your fence installer so that you don’t end up with a rusty metal post.


When you have wooden posts installed, there is a possibility that over time, the wood will weaken and will eventually lose its sturdiness to secure and protect your home.

On the other hand, you will not have that kind of issue with metal posts. They are sturdy and can withstand various pressures – be it nature, humans or your furry friends. Metal posts do not break and can secure your home from unwanted guests.


A wooden post looks good aesthetically. It has that visual appeal that charms property owners in having it installed than metal posts. If you like the traditional design or if your home has that traditional, country-style design, installing wood posts would most likely suit your property.

Having wooden posts installed can soften your all-concrete home. It creates a balance between elements that can bring out the beauty of your home.

However, if you are leaning towards the modern contemporary or an industrial design, metal posts are the way to go. It provides continuity with the theme and will also be appealing to property buyers.

There are still a few more pros and cons on which post to use: wood or metal. At the end of the day, it is the property owner’s discretion on what they would want to use. Overall, with proper maintenance and quality-grade materials, fence installation companies can be of assistance in creating the look or theme in your property.

Which ever post you choose, be it metal or wood, Fort Myers Fence and Deck can offer suggestions that will make your post withstand the normal wear and tear. They can also offer maintenance tips that will help prolong the life of these posts.

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