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After years of relying on your fence to provide security to your property, you notice that some parts of the fence are already loose or broken. Noting the cost of replacing the entire fence, you started to ponder whether doing minor repairs will extend your fence’s life. Before making that decision, it is best to have your fence checked by fence replacement experts from Lakeway Fence and Deck. By having us over, we can do a quick assessment of your fence and recommend the next step that you need to.

When to replace your fence and decks?

For fences that have already lasted beyond the normal wear and tear, Lakeway Fence and Deck recommends replacing the entire fence. Why? This is because this approach will be more cost-efficient for property owners.

As an example, if you have already seen rusty hinges in one part of your fence, the tendency is the other hinges will soon follow since they are all exposed to the same environment. Rather than do a monthly fence check-up, we recommend replacing it because it will not only give you enormous cost savings but at the same time, it will allow you to spend your time and invest it in people that you want to be with the most – your family.

On the other hand, just like your fence, your beautiful deck, where you hold parties, also undergoes the normal wear and tear too, thanks to your area’s varying weather conditions. If you have already seen a rot on one side of your deck, chances are the other components will follow suit.

If you and your family love to hang outside your home, a quick deck replacement is your best option. Remember a rotting deck is an accident waiting to happen. Rather than foot the bill for medical expenses, Lakeway Fence and Deck suggests investing that money in replacing your entire deck and continue having fun with family or guests outdoors.

Only work with the experts

Lakeway Fence and Deck is the leading fence and deck replacement company in the Austin area. We are proud of the team of technicians we have in our pool. They are dedicated, honest experts in replacing decks and fences. Moreover, we also encourage them to advance their skills and keep up with the latest trends in deck and fence replacement. We believe that upgrading their skills will be the best way for us to guarantee customer satisfaction from our clients.
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We don’t overcharge

If you want your deck or fence replacement by a reliable and skilled team of technicians, do not hesitate to call Lakeway Fence and Deck. Our work is of the highest quality and will not need service calls for the next five to 10 years.
Lakeway Fence and Deck’s mission is to be able to help clients in securing their home and be an instrument for them to enjoy outdoor living in style. With this in mind, we want to make sure that our rates reflect that as well. We do not believe in overcharging. Rather, we make sure that our prices are affordable and is still a comfortable spend for our client’s budget. We want our clients to have us on their speed dial for all their fence and deck replacement needs and one for us to achieve that is to be fair and honest with our rates.


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